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Youth Group Fundraisers - Fundraising Ideas For Spring

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Fundraising Ideas for Church Youth Group FundraiserWorld's Finest Chocolate Fundrasier

Youth Group Fundraiser ideas

Church youth groups are always in need of fundraisers and fundraising ideas to help raise money for youth mission trips, youth outings, bible competitions, youth camps and other church youth group programs. While there are a wide variety of church fundraising programs, this article will focus on programs that have little or no up-front costs; those with no fundraising products to manage and the lowest risk. The one exception is the World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser, which is one of the most famous and popular fundraising programs.  However, if you follow any of the fundraising links on this page will provide you with an opportunity to view all of the youth fundraising programs.

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And here is what we found - a wonderful & experienced fundraising organization that has helped over 11,000 fundraising groups over the past 10 years; they can help your youth group raise the money it needs!  These fundraisers ideas are proven money makers from a subsidiary of Readers Digest.  Click the link above to get their free fundraiser kit with ideas and information.



3 Top Youth Group Fundraiser Ideas for Spring

If you need fundraising ideas for your church youth group, here are three of our top fundraisers! 

The #3 Spot Goes To…


A youth ffundraiser favorite for years, we chose cookie dough for the number 3 spot because:

  • Customers love the convenience of delicious, frozen cookie dough.
  • The variety of flavors makes it easy to sell.
  • Cookie dough offers a high profit potential of up to 50%.
  • New Chippery cookie dough has no trans fats!


The #2 Youth Fundraiser Is…


A new-comer to our fundraising lineup in 2007, Hebert Chocolate made the number 2 spot because:

  • It is certified peanut-free!
  • It offers a high profit margin of up to 45% on all products.
  • Hebert features caramel – one of the most popular flavors in fundraising


And our #1 Top Fundraiser is…


The Online Magazine Fundraiser took the top spot because: 

  • It’s FREE!
  • It’s entirely online making it one of the fastest and easiest fundraisers available.
  • It eliminates door-to-door sales.
  • You never have to handle cash, inventory, deliveries, tallies or order forms.
  • You raise 40% profit on all sales, guaranteed.


Church Youth Group Fundraiser Testimonial

"Our Church youth were able to raise several hundred dollars in just a short time by using your program. The neat thing about the program was that it was simple and easy to use for all of the youth, regardless of their ages. We certainly plan on using more of the fun programs from efundraising in the future."

Rev. Wayne Bottiger
Worthington United Pentecostal Church Youth

More Fundraising Testimonials...


Free Fund Raiser for church fundraising

No Up-front Cost

No Inventory

FREE Fundraiser - Perfect for Youth Group

The average home has 4 magazine subscriptions, many of which will be up for renewal soon. These readers can renew their subscriptions with you - and your fundraiser team makes money by just taking reorders.  Of course your fundraiser will make even more money if you sell new subscriptions.  How hard is it to sell  a subscription to someone was going to buy anyway - especially at up to 85% off the cover price!

If your church or youth group is new to fundraising, you may want to test the waters with the proven, and free, fundraising offer above.  This is a very easy program to implement, this fundraising program can all be done on-line and has no up-front cost or investment.  With over 600 magazine titles, you can ask your supporters to renew through your youth ministry fundraiser at huge savings to them, and your church youth group gets 40% of the fundraising revenue from the magazines.  HOW HARD CAN IT BE to sell something to someone that they were going to buy anyway?

No Inventory, Catalog and Brochure Fundraiser Programs

Pre-sell fundraisers are also good fundraising solutions for your church youth group.  These fund raisers "pre-sell" items from a catalog or a brochure, so you have no fundraiser inventory to buy.  Catalog and brochure based fund raisers are common types of fundraisers, so the people your youth group approach will be familiar with this fundraising concept.

Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

These fundraising programs offer up to 50% profit for your youth ministry or church youth group. 

Brochure & Catalog Fundraisers

These are low entry-cost fundraising programs that only require a deposit to cover the cost of the materials, which is credited back to your youth group after the fundraiser order is received.

Fundraising with Online Auctions

If you have materials, goods or services that are donated to your church or that are produced by your youth group, consider fundraising through an online auction.

You pay no set-up fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs for this unique fundraiser idea. You simply pay a small percentage of your auction¹s net revenue, a fee easily offset by leveraging sponsors to help underwrite the cost of the auction. Your youth group gets nearly 90% of the net amount you raise at your auction. You will be invoiced only after your auction ends.

Youth Group Fundraising

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