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Few Churches have the experience or the training to navigate a building program in a manner that minimizes the risk and maximizes their satisfaction with the resulting project

This book will help your church...

Ü  Determine the proper steps that need to be taken in a building program, and then…

Ü  Learn how to accomplish those steps in the proper order, and then…

Ü  Execute those tasks with excellence the first time!

As a result your church will...

Ü  Save money in design & construction

Ü  Reduce the time & effort you will have to invest

Ü  Build with less stress & more confidence

Ü  Properly equip your building or long range planning committee

Reader Reviews & Comments

  • Preparing to Build was an incredible value - just a wealth of information. The truth and his experience jump off the pages.

  • Your book “Preparing to Build” is right on target. I have read the book twice and strongly recommend that anyone contemplating a new church building project acquire the book and read it thoroughly.

  • I’m interest in purchasing 8 copies of the book. I think it would be and eye opener for those on the trustee board of my church; I really feel your book would lead them in a more positive direction.

  • The material is excellent! Five years ago I was minister of a church in New York and we began a building project that later stalled. Your information helped me understand where we could have improved our plan.

  • I have read your book and recommended it to our church board. I think your book is one of the best I have found on this topic.

Written by an experienced church building consultant,

 Preparing to Build is over 160 pages of practical real-world information that will equip your church to properly prepare for, and execute, a building program. 

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