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Membership Plus

Church Membership, Attendance and Contribution Management

Membership Plus 2007 Standard is the perfect tool to manage any size Church or non-profit organization. With a computer you can track contributions, take attendance, print reports, access member information and much more. Membership Plus is an easy-to-use database program for assisting you in managing your membership information and growing your organization.  Retail Price $199.95  

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church attendance software
Complete Membership & Contribution Management

NEW! Small Group Module: Small groups provide a more intimate setting for Bible study, spiritual growth, and support for those with special needs! Now, Membership Plus 2007 has the perfect solution for Small Group support!

  • Support for an unlimited number of Small Groups

  • Track members, roles, contact information (from the Membership Module), meeting times/days, locations, leader/coach and more!

  • Keep attendance history on every Small Group member!

  • Small Group Listing: Group name, meeting day, and time one line item per group!

  • Small Group Members: A full listing of all Small Groups with member names and member start and end dates.

NEW! Membership Reports:

  • Monthly Birthday: Display birthdays for each month by date including member, birthday, phone number, and address!

  • Family Quick Profile: Family name, contact information and family member/role listing -- a concise version of the classic Family Profile.

  • Contributions Module: Record contributions, applying them to as many funds as you choose to create; Generate the deposit slips for the contributions you've entered. (including your capital campaign)

  • Membership Module: Keep track of an unlimited number of members, multiple addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, photos, employers, and other personal data with customizable fields

  • Group Module: Organize your members into an unlimited number of groups using the Group Module. Track attendance for any group and produce reports that help you target lagging attendance and write visitor follow-up letters.

  • Meetings Module: Take attendance and record member involvement within your church with the Meetings Module. Users of the Deluxe edition can easily export meetings to the Calendar Module with just a few clicks of the mouse.

System Requirements
 Single System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro
Hardware: Pentium III 500 or greater
Hard Disk: 150 MB of Hard Drive Space
Memory: 256 MB


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