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Fundraising Ideas: Church Fundraising & School Fundraiser

  Consiga el dinero del dinero para su iglesia, ministerio o escuela.

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Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser, or fund-raiser?

Regardless how you spell it, here are some excellent fundraising ideas for your church, school, or team.

Interested in Fundraising?

Here are some fundraiser freebies

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Church Fund Raisers as a Financial Supplement

A Church Fundraising program can help raise money for your ministries

Church fundraising should not be confused with Capital Stewardship. That said, a church fundraiser CAN be a wonderful supplement to provided additional income to the church.

Church fundraisers can be used to raise funds for a variety of projects or ministries, such as youth groups, missions and mission trips, outreach and other ministries. Another popular need for fund raising is for vacation bible school. Remember, every dollar that you earn through church fundraising is an extra dollar for your building program, youth program, or other ministry. 

School Fundraising Ideas

Schools need fundraisers to support a number of programs.

  • In general, school fundraisers raise funds for playground equipment, library books, school supplies and school trips. Schools are one of the leading users of fund raising programs.
  • Band fundraisers help raise funds to musical equipment, purchase music, and cover uniforms, trips and other expenses no longer covered by tight school budgets.
  • Booster Club needs fund raisers so kids will be able to have the new uniforms and equipment or cover travel expenses.
  • Fundraising for the library to buy new books and magazines to help offset shrinking school budgets.
  • PTA's and PTO's need fundraising to help supply the things the kids need, but the schools no longer supply.  PTA fundraisers are the most common school fundraising program.

Selling food can be a great fundraising idea. High School and Middle Schools fund raisers can be especially effective when you are selling food related items, as many of the kids have disposable income that can go towards fund raising.

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Fundraiser Ideas

Here are a number of proven fundraising ideas:

Candy Bar Fund Raiser - Free Samples

World's Finest Chocolate Candy Fundraiser

Scratchcard Fundraiser Program - Free Sample

Scratchcard Fundraisers

Free Fund Raiser for Church fundraising

Free Fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraisers - Free Samples

Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Fund raising selling frozen food products

Fund Raising with Gourmet Food

Gift Catalog for fund raising

Fund raising with Gift Catalogs

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