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How to Start a Free Fundraiser for Your Church in 4 Easy Steps

With Magazine Fundraising, Your Church can Earn 40% Profit on the Many Magazine Purchases Made by your Congregation.

Did you know the average American household subscribes to 4 magazines on average? Many members of your congregation are currently reading magazines and would be more than happy to buy or renew their subscription in a way that benefits their church. Especially if they can save up to 85%!

Introducing MagFundraising, brought to you by Reader's Digest.

Through MagFundraising, your church can make 40% of all sales on 650 well-known magazine titles, such as Time, TV Guide, National Geographic and more! - Magazines your members, friends and family were probably going to buy anyway! 

Online magazine fundraising is quick and easy with the import address book feature (including Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL Mail, Outlook and more). Simply launch the program with the built-in email tool and watch your profits grow by the day.


3 Important Facts

Fact: A recent poll shows that more than 80% of Americans would switch their buying habits if it meant that a cause they cared about would benefit.

Fact: Tens of thousands of people are renewing magazines every month; some out of habit and many to give magazines as gifts to family and friends. I know our family gives several subscriptions every year.

Fact: has helped groups generate over $16,000,000 in magazine sales since 2004!


Click here to sign up - it's FREE! 

There is no cost to start the program.

No cost to the church to run the program - ever.


It really is a free fundraiser.  To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill in your personal information, username/password and where you want your profit check to be sent.

  2. Customize your page with an image, your church logo or colors and why you are raising money. (Our studies show that groups who use it sell 2.5 times more than groups who don't.)

  3. Import your address book or enter the emails of your participants (students or group members) to kick-off the campaign

  4. Members of your congregation (including students) send emails to their friends and family inviting them to buy online at your virtual store because 40% goes back to your church!

PLEASE NOTE:  If your church has 100 families you might be looking at 250 - 400 magazine subscriptions.  If you can get those same families to email their friends and families and get only 10 other families to order, you can have thousands of orders!

  1. Access your online Campaign Manager at any time with your username/password and follow the success of your campaign with detailed reporting.

MagFundraising is one of the easiest fundraisers you'll ever do

And you can run it each year because most people renew magazines annually.

Profits checks arrive to you on a monthly basis

Your profit checks are mailed out on the 21st of each month, if the amount is over $25. Amounts less than this are "rolled-over" to the next month.

TIP: Announce this fundraiser during your service as part of the community news and events. Also, put a notice in their bulletins and on your church website.

Happy Fundraising - Have Fun!