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Before You Select a Church Building Plan

An already difficult task becomes quite painful when you donít understand and adhere to a good building process. That is why experience is such a valuable commodity. It does not matter whether you are baking bread, building a rocket ship or trying to build a church, you get better with practice because you discover and apply the best practices that make the job easier and your effort more effective.

If your church follows a proper process of doing the first things first, then your building experience will be a more positive and rewarding one. We strongly suggest you read the article "Insights on Achieving a Positive Church Construction Experience" listed under the related links heading at the top of this page.

When most churches think about building, they jump right into building design; they call an architect or builder to develop a building plan. This is often putting the proverbial cart before the horse, and will often lead a church down a path where they develop a building plan they cannot afford to build and/or does not truly meet the needs of the ministry.

The fruit of a poor process can be bitter indeed.

The fundamental pre-construction process can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Understand how the vision for your church dictates a need to build.
  2. Understand whether it is the Lordís timing for you to build.
  3. Understand what you can afford to build and how you will pay for it.
  4. Understand what you need to build and why it is the right thing to build in order to meet the needs of the ministry within the constraints of your budget.
  5. Develop a church building plan that is defined and bound by the budget and needs of the ministry.
  6. Develop or purchase a building plan
  7. Complete site engineering and develop your site plan
  8. Secure financing
  9. Then, and only then, are you really ready to start construction."

The above is an excerpt from the book "Preparing to Build"

Did you notice how far down the list the step for church plans is found?  It is not uncommon for churches to take a "by guess and by golly" approach to the size of their building, which will lead to building too much or too little space. Saving money in church design begins with understanding your real, objective, quantifiable needs balanced against what you can afford.  The church needs to understand its needs, and to know what it can really afford before it starts looking at church building plans or floor plans. It is recommended that the church do a needs analysis with the help of a church consultant. 

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