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Church Video Presentation Software

Your worship video presentation software should be designed to easily display songs, scriptures, videos, and information to your congregation seamlessly - with little or no distractions.

The best way to present a professional appearance is with video presentation software that will allow the operator to perform all of the control functions on their computer screen while displaying only the desired result on video screen for the congregation, only displaying for the video presentation they need to see for effective worship.

Quit trying to make PowerPoint do something it was really not intended to do. Screens that blink obscure messages and annoying delays in changing programs all disappear with the right software.

Good Worship Video Presentation Software Can Present a Professional Look at Budget Prices

  • Display native PowerPoint presentations.
  • Seamlessly integrate video and song lyrics.
  • Make distraction free changes on-the-fly for song order, slide order and much more.
  • Your congregation never see your control screen, all they see is a professional presentation.
  • Some applications can even import song lyrics, no more typing them in by hand!

Everyone knows the limitations of doing plain PowerPoint video presentations. If you are looking for something that is more flexible, can adapt to changes in the order of service "on-the-fly" and allows the operator to work from one screen while the congregation sees another, look at Presentation Manager.  Available in a standard and pro version (see comparison chart at bottom of their page), this package meets the needs of most churches at a competitive price.  Import song lyrics (even on the fly), change order of service and make changes to the presentation in real-time, no one in the congregation will ever know!

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