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Church Grants from Foundations & Private Sources

Church Grants for Ministry Programs


Churches looking for grants and donations face a difficult challenge.  Getting money for your church from the government has become an endeavor, that with few exceptions, is a waste of time, especially from the Federal and State sources. There are millions of dollars of money for ministry and faith based programs, unfortunately, most churches do not have the experience or training to compete for this money.  Did you notice the word compete?  You have to compete for the money. 

There are hundreds of thousands of applications every year by churches and religious organizations for grant money from foundations and private contributors.  Many of those non-profit organizations applying for funding are anything but Christian, but they do have more experience, and they are getting dollars that could be going to your faith based organization.

Many of the grants available for new church construction are limited to denominational, and in some cases, geographic resources.  There are going to be few government resources for construction. However, most mainline denominations have grant programs for church development that can provide some funds for new church construction.  There are also foundations that offer church grants for planting churches in rural or urban areas.  In urban areas undergoing redevelopment, the local government might provide a church grants to assist in renovating existing property in the redevelopment area.

Your Biggest Source of Money is Probably Sitting in Your Pews!  All too often churches start looking for money outside the congregation when they should start a little closer to home!  According to a recent Barna report, only about 5% of Christians give 10% or more to the church.  It varies by demographic group, 24% of  born-again evangelicals tithed, while 20% of conservatives did, and only about 2% of Catholics did.  The good news is that there is a vast untapped potential right in your own church.

A proven church stewardship program can increase giving in your church 20, 30, or 60% in just 5 weeks!  If you would like to increase giving and help grow people spiritually in the important grace of giving, the Dynamic Giving Stewardship Program has been used in over 1,000 churches in 13 countries. Church Capital Campaign

If you are planning on building and feel your members are already giving well to the general fund, you should investigate a church capital campaign

The Abundant Giving Capital campaign is a biblical and proven method that will help your church raise money for building, relocation, or debt retirement. 

Before applying for a private or government grant, the church needs to be able to demonstrate that they have something worthy of receiving grant fundingThe famous Sci-Fi author, Robert Heinlein coined the phrase, "TANSTAFL", an abbreviation for the famous hominy; "There Ain't No Such Thing As Free Lunch".  This is very true, even of grants; Writing your grant request is a lot of work.  Getting "free money" in the form of a private or government grant is a lot more work (and less certain) than borrowing it!


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