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Church Floor Plans

Find New Church Floor Plans for Small Churches or Large


special offer for those looking for church floor plans or design assistance.

Due to our long time involvement in church construction, we have developed relationships with church architects who are willing to provide copies of their existing church plans from other projects at greatly reduced prices! We are not aware of a service to help churches with free information on church floor plans anywhere else in the Internet!

Search Church Floor Plans
(At no cost to your church)

Church Floor Plans - Ready to be customized to your needs and local building codes.

  • Church plans for small churches seating 100, to large churches over 1,500

  • Plans for traditional churches; multi-purpose buildings and Family Life Centers  (with and without gymnasiums); Christian Education Buildings, and more.

  • Many small church plans available

  • Plans can be customized to meet your needs and local building code

  • A wide variety of traditional and contemporary church plans

  • Many church floor plans for suitable for metal church buildings (pre-engineered or red iron)

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church architects

Benefits of Using Floor Plans from Other Church Building Projects

  • If you have an idea what you need to build, you can save 40-60% on your church floor plans - even with a reasonable degree of design customization.

  • If you are needing plans to stimulate thinking or excitement for your church building committee, floor plans can be a great catalyst for moving the project forward.

  • If you need conceptual plans for your church's capital campaign, you will save thousands of dollars by not having to pay someone to provide concept drawings for your promotional materials.

  • Churches typically save 3-5 months in the design process by starting with stock church building plans.

  • Determine the cost to build your church before you spend tens of thousands of dollars in custom designed plans, only to learn you cannot afford to build them.

  • Begin preliminary discussions with the planning department to discuss the project using real plans to discover any potential issues early in the process - not later when it is more expensive!

Save Months & 10's of Thousands of Dollars  Church Plans

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How Find the Right  Church Plan Quickly & Inexpensively

Finding the right church building plan begins by clicking on the link below.  Immediately upon receipt of your information, we will analyze your needs and connect you to the plans that may best serve your needs.  Additionally, you will be provide a list of three proven sources for online church plans from architects who specialize in church plans.  The church will then select the plan or plans that it believes are the closest to the ideal floor plan and contact the architect for purchase information. We will help you in your church plan selection process at no cost to the church!

Since is is unlikely that any church plan will meet your needs exactly as drawn, plans may be customized by the original architect or by one of your choosing. As long as you are not changing the exterior walls ( the footprint of the building ) the building can often be customized to meet your needs for a fraction of the time and cost of church plans drawn from scratch. One of the reasons we offer our help is that we are able to see how floor plans can be modified to meet individual needs, church plans that you might otherwise overlook.

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