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Church Financing - Loans, Bonds, Grants, Fundraising

Church Financing Options

Church Financing is a key factor in any church construction project. There are two major church finance options for construction; conventional construction loans and church bonds.  Both options have their advantages & disadvantages to the church and are discussed in the financing articles below.

Researching the various church finance options will help prepare you to understand what type of financing is right for you and help you get the funding you need.   A comparison of bonds vs. conventional church loans is provided along with some insight on religious grants. A loan is a very important decision that will have long term consequences to your church whether for building/construction or refinancing debt.  Proper understanding of the different church financing options can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the church loan or bond offering. 

Church Financing Articles & Information

Church Loans

Informative articles on loans and church construction financing. 

Church Bonds

Information & resources regarding bond financing & how bonds differ from conventional church financing.


Church Fundraising

Free information kit and proven fundraising solutions for Churches, Schools and Youth Groups.

Church Grants

Church grants are a valuable church funding source for special programs, but provide little financing help when building.


Church Capital Stewardship Campaign

What is a capital stewardship campaign and how will it help you raise money for a building program church.


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