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Church Building Consultant


A Church Consultant Can Save You Time, Grief, and Money

If you never considered a church building consultant for your building program, consider that Moses and Solomon both got expert help for their building program. 

We recommend AMI - Church Consulting Services for your church construction consulting requirements.

In Exodus 31:1-11 we see God provided Moses with an expert to lead his project with "the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship.

”Similarly, we see in 2 Chronicles 2:13-14 that God, by way of the King of Tyre, sent to Solomon, "a skillful man endowed with understanding" to help this wisest of men with his building program.

Both of these men had huge building projects ahead of them, but one significant difference was that Solomon was wise enough to know that he needed help; that wisdom alone was no replacement for experience. Today we would call this wise counsel a consultant, an owners rep or advocate of the church.  Their goal is to help the church build with the least amount of cost, effort and risk.


Church Building Guide

Preparing to Build     

Written by an experienced church building consultant,

Preparing to Build provides your church valuable, real-world insight based on real-world experiences and input from hundreds of church building projects.

"Preparing to Build was an incredible value - just a wealth of
  information. The truth & his experience jump off the pages

           Dwight VanDaveer, Engineer & Church Building Committee Member

With over 160 information packed pages, this book will explain the process of building and how equip the saints for the work of building the church in an effective manner that will reduce the church's cost, risk and effort.  Click for more information or to purchase.

T. Austin Beavis, in his article entitled "How to Save Up to 30% on the Cost of Your New Church Construction Project" (available on says,

"Well-intentioned church members without construction cost expertise and creative building design experience cannot adequately create and provide the 30% or more potential saving that exists in almost every new construction project. Additionally, architects and contractors do not have adequate incentives to ensure that a Church obtains the greatest value for the lowest possible costs. An independent construction consultant works for the Church, and will provide significant cost savings..."

Tip: Your lack of experience will cause you to spend more money time and effort on a church building program than necessary.

Many architects or builders offer "consulting services".  One consideration is that these services are often specifically designed to feed their core business.  An independent consultant can offer a wide variety of services such as Needs Analysis/Feasibility Studies and Capital Stewardship; as well as help overseeing the design and construction of your church construction project.

In most cases, a church consultant will save your church several times he cost of their services, making this important ministry free or even a money saving proposition to the church. 

Tip:  If the consultant saves you more than their fee, how much did the consulting really cost?

Given the value they bring, every church should give serious consideration to utilizing a church consultant early in the process to help:

  1. Identify and quantify needs - What does the church need to build and why is that the right thing to build to help the church become the vision and accomplish the mission of the church.

  2. Financial Feasibility - What can the church afford and how will they pay for a church building program.  This may include helping the church prepare to receive a church construction loan or execute a capital campaign.

  3. Run a Capital Campaign - A capital stewardship campaign can help your church raise 1.5-3x your current annual budget in just 3 years.

  4. Assist the church in evaluating, selecting and negotiating with the architect, engineers, builders and other professionals.

Generally speaking, the church consultant can help the church develop understanding about what they need in balance with what they can afford, before they hire an architect or builder.  Typically the church consultant can assist the church in hiring these professionals, to help lend experience to the selection and contract negotiation of these critical, but expensive, professionals.

A good church building consultant will help your church save money, time, effort and stress in its church building program.



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