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Church Construction Guide

This church construction guide will help equip your church to execute a building program with less cost, effort, and stress. Church construction is not easy and mistakes care costly to the church, its leaders and members: emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Equip your church construction team or building committee for this important work.

Preparing for the Challenges of Church Construction

Many churches that build today find themselves in the difficult position where they must accomplish the following church construction tasks without the benefit of substantial experience or training:

§ Determine all of the proper steps that need to be taken in a church construction program, and then…

§ Learn how to accomplish those steps in the proper order, and then…

§ Execute those tasks with excellence the first time!

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church construction guide

Practical Tips and Experienced Advice to Prepare Your Church for a Building Program

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Your Guide to Church Design and Construction Planning

From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding and complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a building program. Your building program needs to be run in a way that will maximize effectiveness while protecting the pastor and other leaders. It needs to be run right the first time. Preparing to Build is a church building guide that provides valuable real-world insight to help your church:

§ Protect the Church, its Leaders, and its Members

§ Reduce the Cost of Church Design and Construction

§ Reduce the Effort, Stress, and Risk in Church Building

§ Improve Church Satisfaction with its Building Program

Topics include, but are not limited to: Church Building Guidelines, Church Design, Preparing Church Building Plans, Church Construction Financing and too many more to list.  13 Chapters and over 150 pages of church design church building information, tips and practical church building experience.  more...

Church Construction Guide - Church Design Guide - Guide to Creating Church Building Plans

Church Construction Guide

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