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Church Construction - Building your New Church

Church Building & Construction

Church construction and building is one of the most important & financially perilous tasks that a church will undertake.  Building, whether new construction, expansion or renovation is an exciting, but complicated process.  The information below will help equip your church to level the playing field when dealing with architects, builders and lenders in your building program while saving you save time money and effort in your endeavor. We offer the following articles on church construction.


Church Building & Construction Articles

The Secret of Effective Church Building Design

This church building design tip demonstrates how one of the keys to a better church building program lies in effective church design. 

Church Building Guidelines

A great resource for general guidelines for building your church.  Information on sizing sanctuary, parking and more.

Get Expert Help from a Church Building Consultant

A church construction consultant can help your church save money, time and effort in your church building program.

Counting the Cost of Church Construction

The most important step in your building program is one of the most overlooked.  Know what you can afford before you design.

Church Building Plans

Information and resources on church floor plans and church building plans for your building program.

Hiring a Church Architect

Hiring the right architect is important task; get the information you need to make a wise decision.  Additional architectural resources.

Hiring a Church Builder

Most churches are unequipped to hire the right church builder at the right price.  Hiring a builder - information & resources.

Design/Build: A Good Option

Church design/build can save your church money while streamlining the church building process.  Information and resources.

Church Construction in NC


Feasibility Study

A recent study by the Rainer Group of over 300 recently completed church building programs highlighted in their report the benefit of completing a feasibility study prior to construction.

Their study validates and reinforces the need for careful pre-construction planning that we repeat over and over again in our ebook.  Planning that most churches just are just not equipped to complete in a timely, objective and accurate manner.

It's Not the Church's Fault...

This is just not something that most churches have the necessary experience to do themselves.  Ultimately a feasibility study does not have to cost the church anything.

It Needs to be Done...

But if you were honest with yourself, you would probably agree that as a whole, your church leadership team does not have the practical experience or training to do an effective and objective analysis.

There's Too Much at Risk...

Hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are on the line, not to mention the effectiveness and the well-being of your ministry. Learn more about a feasibility study for your church and how it will save you time, money, stress and effort.



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