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Church Fund Raising for Construction

    6 Church Fundraisers That Can Help Raise Money to Help Pay for:

  • Church Building Plans

  • A Capital Campaign

  • Pews, Chairs or other Furniture & Fixtures

  • Or a 1,001 Other Uses for Cash When You Build

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Church Fundraisers as a Financial Supplement

A Church fund raiser can help raise money for your building program but should not be confused with Capital Campaign, nor should you consider a church fundraiser as the primary method of raising money for a building program of any size.  After all, your church would have to sell a HUGE amount of fund raiser candy bars or chicken dinners to build a church!  That said, a church fund raiser CAN be a wonderful supplement to a capital campaign by providing additional income to help with the building program, perhaps to help buy plans, furniture or fixtures. 

Church fund raisers do not just have to be for building. Fundraising can also be used by your church to help support specific ministries or projects using a youth group fundraiser ,to raise money for missions, outreach and other ministries. Remember, every dollar that you earn through church fund raising is an extra dollar for your building, youth program, or other ministry. 

Magazine Fundraiser

The average home has 4 magazine subscriptions, many of which will be up for renewal soon. These readers can renew their subscriptions with you - and your church fundraiser makes money by just taking reorders. Of course your church fundraiser will make even more money if you sell new subscriptions. How hard is it to sell a subscription to someone was going to buy anyway - especially at up to 85% off the cover price! Get started raising funds now for your church with your FREE online MagFundraising program!

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Cookie Dough & Frozen Foods Fundraiser

Mmmm. Who can't sell the idea of warm fresh-baked cookies and cheesecakes? You'll be the most popular group in town when you use raise funds for your church by selling these gourmet items. There's lots of great flavors available, what do you have to lose? (except 50% profit!)

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This Church Fundraising Program is so QUICK and EASY that everyone will love it! And with up to $100 raised per card, you can increase your profits hassle-free. Up to 100% profit for your fund raiser. This unique program puts the FUN in Fund Raising!  At up to $100 profit per card, your church can quickly raise money for church plans, chairs or stained glass.

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Up to 50% profit on Hershey's or World's Finest Chocolate Fundraisers. These mouth-watering candy bars are simply irresistible There's a wide variety of chocolate flavors that your supporters are sure to enjoy -- milk chocolate, caramel, almonds and more from Worlds' Finest Chocolate and Hershey's brands. A proven performer for church fund raising. .

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Lollipops sell so fast you'll barely be able to keep up! Sell them at scheduled break times, or at sporting events and watch the profits pile up!

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Beef Jerky

Beef snacks and jerky are a high protein snack that everyone loves. Delicious flavors and easy to handle carry cases make this the perfect church fundraiser.

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Church Fundraiser Testimonials

Our Church youth were able to raise several hundred dollars in just a short time by using your program. The neat thing about the program was that it was simple and easy to use for all of the youth, regardless of their ages. We certainly plan on using more of the fun programs from efundraising in the future."

Rev. Wayne Bottiger
Worthington United Pentecostal Church Youth

The fund raiser we hosted was better than I expected. Everyone liked the product selection of all the different flowers. The prices were right and the profit was great. We definitely will use you again."

Frank Ambrosino
Edgemere Church of God

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