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Discount Bibles - Purchase Pew Bibles in Bulk

Buy Pew Bibles Direct from the Publisher, Individually, by the Case or by the Pallet!

If you need to buy new pew bibles, The International Bible Society sells bibles in bulk, selling directly to churches and ministries without distributor or retail markup. This allows  your church to buy pew bibles at a huge discount.  IBS Direct offers bibles in 25 languages and a number of popular bible translations.

New Church - New Chairs - New Bibles.  Oops, did someone forget about new bibles for the pews (or chairs)? If you are building a new church, you are going to need a lot of new pew bibles!  IBS offers Pallet Pricing on many of their bibles so you can stock your new church with new bibles at a huge savings.

If you need bibles for a non-English speaking congregation or foreign language bibles for a mission trip, you can get the best deals on foreign language bibles at IBS Direct.  If you are looking for an innovative way to pay for your new bibles, try one of our proven fundraisers.

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